29 November 2011



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28 November 2011

Simon's Cat in 'Double Trouble'

Simon's cat "double trouble" by Ramon Siliceo:

In the living room there were two cats. The big cat was sleeping.
The small cat went to take the food but the big cat didn’t let it.
The small cat jumped on the big cat and the big cat was covered in food. The big cat chased it, then the small cat climbed on to the sofa, while the big cat was seating the small cat it threw a cushion at the big cat’s back. Next, the big cat jumped on the small cat’s back.
Then the little cat ate the big cat’s food. After that the small cat went to do its wee in the big cat’s box. Finally the big cat threw the sand and the wee on the floor.

Simon's cat "double trouble" by Paula Maiztegui:

There was one cat and one kitten in the living room. The cat was sleeping when the kitten jumped on it, because it wanted the cat’s food. So the cat hit him. Later the kitten climbed on the curtains and jumped on the sofa and threw the cushion. Then the kitten hid under the rug. The kitten ate the food. The kitten did a wee in the litter tray. The cat jumped and threw the sand away and they asked Simon for food.

Simon's cat "double trouble" , by Guillem Ferrer:

There were two cats in the living room and the big cat was sleeping when the kitten wanted to eat the food so the big cat protected it and the kitten jumped on the big cat. After that the kitten ran around the sofa and scared the big cat. Then the kitten climbed onto the sofa and it threw a cushion at the big cat’s face. After that the kitten hid under the rug. Next the kitten ate the big cat’s food Then, the kitten went to the box and did the wee. After that the big cat threw the sand onto the carpet, and Simon arrived.